• Primary Health Care

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    Our Primary Care Team is led by Dr. Jaime C. Gonzalez. We also have two nurse practitioners: Salia and Hassan. They all provide comprehensive medical exams and primary care services that women, men and geriatric patients commonly experience during each stage in their life. Our providers focus on preventive care and wellness.

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    Meet The Team

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    Click here to view the Primary Health Care Timetable

  • Medical Records

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    Our Medical Records team manage medical records requests from patients, providers and other third parties. Medical records requests from other providers are handled free of charge. There’s a fee for other requests. You may inquire about our fees with our Medical Records team.



  • Billing

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    As Primary Care Providers we care about our ability to serve patients within a broad variety of insurance plans, including managed care plans and Medicare replacements.  We recognize that the insurance world is often times difficult to navigate for both our patients as well as our practice since one insurance payer may have more than 20 plans!  It is also an ever-changing environment with constant changes to patient benefits.  It is also constant change for us as quality measures also keep changing on a yearly basis and – as primary care providers – we are required to comply with these.

    We are proactive about contracting with insurance plans that impact our local community.  Please refer to our current insurance list for insurance plans we are contracted with.  We also make a huge effort in keeping patients aware of their benefits, especially about balances and co-pays, which are collected at the time of service.

    To answer insurance and/or billing questions, our Billing Department is available for patients between the hours of 9am to 4pm.

  • Referrals

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    Our Referrals Coordinator works with our providers and your specialists to ensure timely authorizations are obtained for services provided to you.  However, please note that we do not accept ‘Self-Referrals’.   Any referral must be documented and initiated by your primary care provider in order to the referral to be processed.  Specialist are required to submit a written request to our referrals department, to include proper diagnoses and procedure codes.  These must be approved by the primary care provider.  STAT referrals must be faxed and called in by the requesting provider and/or referrals coordinator.  However, if your specialist did not submit a timely referral that is not considered a STAT referral and the request will most likely be delayed.

    In addition to the above, insurance companies have a different timeline.  Some companies respond to our referral request within 72 hours, others may take up to 7 business days.  Referrals are worked on a daily basis.

    To answer referrals-related questions, our referrals department is available between 8:30am and 4:30pm.

  • Allergy Program

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    ALLERGY is a condition of hypersensitivity in certain persons to substances usually harmless to most individuals. Some people have characterized allergy as immunity “gone wrong”. In the immune reaction, contact with a disease-producing microorganism or an antigen prompts an individual to build up antibodies against the offending organism or antigen so that he or she will be protected against further exposure.

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  • Dermatology

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    Our Dermatology Team is involved in the diagnosis, investigation and management of a variety of skin conditions. They provide patients with care and education concerning the treatment of wounds, injuries, diseases and conditions of the skin.