Integrative Functional Medicine

Our Integrative Functional Medicine approach focuses on treating the whole person. Our full-time dietitian nutritionist works closely with our providers to develop customized innovative approaches to care with a focus on prevention and wellness. For those with chronic illnesses our team works to find patient centered solutions to improve quality of life.

We offer state of the art equipment such as an in house DEXA/Whole Body Composition machine, platelet rich plasma device and blood centrifuge machine. This allows for convenient speciality lab specimen collection.

Anti-Aging Programs~Food Sensitivity Testing~Hormone Replacement Therapy~Infusion Therapy~Nutrition~Supplements~Weight Loss

Anti-Aging Programs

 Our wellness team designs anti-aging programs utilizing the latest technology, specialty labs and nutrigenomic testing to design a highly specialized program to meet your unique needs.

Food Sensitivity Testing

Food sensitivities can cause unnecessary inflammation in the body, which is often the root cause of the symptoms of many conditions and diseases. By reducing food related inflammation we can reduce symptoms and improve well-being. This test measures the IgG delayed immune reaction for 88 commonly reactive foods.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Male and female hormone replacement bioidentical pellets. Call for a complimentary consultation.

Infusion Therapy

Hydration, multi-vitamins and specialty infusions. Learn more…


Our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist offers clinical nutritional therapy, wellness consultations, classes and community outreach. Learn more…


We proudly carry Metagenics and Xymogen supplements. We also offer a full-line of pharmaceutical grade, THC-free, CBD oil products.

Weight Loss

In our experience successful weight loss programs require and interdisciplinary team approach. Every person has unique needs and our team realizes that losing weight and keeping it off can be challenging in today’s society. We offer medically supervised programs that recognize the physical, emotional and nutritional components of creating a solid weight management plan.